Lamjingba Finance a Private Limited Company, is a registered with a clear vision to serve the entire North Eastern region and facilitate better access to health, education and livelihood opportunities.Headquartered in Nagamapal Rims Road, Lsd - I, C - 4 -68/1, Lamphel, Qh - 2061 Imphal West ,Imphal,Manipur,795001

Lamjingba Finance is recognized as a tool to alleviate poverty and efforts to convert this into a possibility in the Northeastern region has been achieved through hand-holding of investors both Indian. We have partnered with leading banks and financial institutions for availing debt funds and onlending to our clients across our branch network. Lamjingba Finance enables people to grow their business and give them a opportunities to lift themselves out of poverty and shape up the future of their family or an entire community. With a mission to connect people through lending Lamjingba Finance is happy to help those people who are willing to create a better future for their families and communities. We have been providing loans to different people with different occupation since 2013 and provide a way to grow their business. We are dedicated to help people with economically backward people to transform their lives and support them in their fight against poverty

While providing credit is the main-stay of Lamjingba Finance, being a client-centric organization, we also extend credit plus services to attain the twin-goal of growth and social development among our client. Our efforts through the SPM initiatives include financial literacy, organizing health camps, technical assistance on dairy farming, piggery, duckery etc... skill building, awareness on issues like Environmental, Leadership roles for women and girls, Health and nutrition and Legal issues of women.

  1. To provide a lasting solution for the economically backward people to raise their standard of living.
  2. To help and support people in their fight against poverty
  3. To create more innovative solutions to fight against poverty

To become the most trusted financial institution ever.


Lamjingba Microfinance is a MFI-NBFC (Non-Banking Company)