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To enable inclusive socio economic development

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Driving Socio-economic inclusion in Manipur

Lamjingba Finance is the leading NBFC-MCI providing unsecure microfinance loans to women self-help groups in rural and semi-urban area

We have been one of the pioneers of this socially and financially inclusive movement in Manipur, facilitating access to low-cost capital. Our approach blends data-driven, technology-enabled operational efficiency with on the ground programs to enhance skills and productivity in the communities we serve. We serve to deliver the lowest interest rates in the market by passing on the benifits of efficiency to the customer.

Our Loan Product

Entry-Level Loan (ELL)

Entry Level Loan to newly formed self-help groups

Activity Term Loan (ATL)

Activity Term Loan to matured self-help groups

Individual Loan (IL)

Individual Loans to the members of the matured self-help groups

Making Deeper Inroads Pan Manipur

We operate network of 10+ branches across six states over 25,000 villages and towns.

Strong Community Links To Deliver Value Effectively

Operational Excellence

Our side of the art data and technology-enabled process ensure accurate, relevant data and rapid information flow through the organizaion for fast and effective decision making.

Programs To Enhance Productivity

Providing Practical business skills at the grassroot level through our subsidiary Lamjingba Finance.

Deep Community Involvement

Our field staff is hired from the communities that we operate in, to help engender in-depth connections beyond financial transactions.

Member Stories

I have been dreaming to set up my own Dairy farm. I have lot of experience regarding dairy farm. But unable to start my own farm due to financial condition. My friends told me that My dream can be fulfilled through Lamjingba Micro Finanace. Now I am the ceo of my private farm with more than 50 employees and 7 branches. We are able to do that today with the help of Lamjingba Micro Finance. Thanks Team lamjingba.


Sangom Dairy Farm, Ceo, Imphal, Manipur.

My husband and i run a tailoring business. We started our business with 2 sewing machines and handled individual orders. I invested the loan amount to buy 2 more sewing machines and expanded my business with 4 sewing machines. We now have 4 employees working with us to stich shirts for several small retailers. Our aspiration is to provide good education to our daughters. We are able to do that today. Thanks Lamjingba Finance.


Tailoring Business at Khurai, Imphal.

I was Planning to set up my own tent house. I was in lack of money, So approach Lamjingba Finance to fulfilled my dream. The staffs help me alot and are very kind. Thank You lamjingba Finance.


Kwakeithel, Imphal.

We run a Handloom & Craft Business in our village. We started our business 10 years ago. With the help of Lamjingba Finance our company expanded and we are now able to supply client needs. Our aspiration is to provide a quality life for our employees and customers. Thanks Team lamjingba.


Handloom & Craft Business at Telhou-channa, Imphal

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Lamjingba Microfinance is a MFI-NBFC (Non-Banking Company)